OASA E-Bike Safety

We are pleased to announce a collaboration between the Ontario Action Sports Association and Bikeface Cycling, Owen Sound.

The OASA announced a series of Skills & Safety Jamborees for Pedal Assist Ebikes, Mountain and BMX bikes and push Escooters. It planned to produce the Jamborees in various towns and cities in Ontario beginning in May. These events are on hold due to Covid-19.  

For this reason these companies have collaborated on a series of videos over the next 30 days. These videos will help new and past buyers of these vehicles operate them more safely. Additionally, the videos will discuss a number of skills riders can practice to improve their ability to operate their bicycle or scooter.

Electric Bicycles are pedal assisted and have electric motors of 250, 350 and 500 watts, the maximum allowed in Ontario. Maximum speed is 32 km/h.


Electric Scooters can have a maximum 350 watt motor and a maximum speed of 25 km/h. Neither vehicle requires a licence or motor vehicle insurance to operate. 

The first video is part of this release. Bicycle Stores, Clubs and Associations, Cities and Towns are welcome to distribute and share.