Bikes and Accessories


We stock a wide range of bicycles to serve a wide range of cyclists. Whether you are new to cycling, looking to reconnect with the sport, a seasoned racer or a commuter trying to make the world a little more green, we will find a bike that works for you.


Electric bicycles are growing fast and are now part of cycling culture.

Mountain Bike

Mud, roots and nature



For those looking to improve fitness, cover big distances, and pick up speed


The largest selling category of bikes ranging from comfort focus to fast commute for all urban, bike trails and back roads.


Ready to get your little ones some new wheels?


The right accessory can make cycling a more comfortable and enjoyable experience.

Kinetic Trainer

Considered the best fluid trainer on the go. Ride it today at Bikeface


Concussions are serious. Get a good one and be happy.


Maintain your bicycle.

And much more….


Cycling apparel can make your riding experience much more comfortable, stylish and smooth.

Lots More

We have lots of parts, tools, and accessories in stock. Contact us to find out if we have what you’re looking for, or come on in and check us out in-store!